The Exceptional Benefits of Wool

Heat Regulation

Wool is a natural material that breathes while maintaining its thermal properties under all conditions. Your feet stay warm even if your socks are wet, and they stay cool when the temperature goes up.

Moisture Control

Wool can soak up up to one third of its weight in water without losing its heat regulation characteristics. It absorbs moisture generated by the body and wicks it away to the exterior of the sock, so your feet stay perfectly warm.

Naturally Anti-Odour

Bacteria in sweat can create unpleasant foot odour. Wool provides natural antibacterial protection.

Fire Resistance

The temperature required to burn wool is very high. And since our wool socks absorb moisture from
the body, they are all the more resistant to flame. As a result, our wool products are naturally fire-resistant.

Easy Care

Treated wool is easy to maintain. All of our products are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. So you can machinewash and tumble-dry them without ever worrying about damage.