Classic LT

The Classic LT is a more economical and lighter version of the Classic Heritage work sock. Want the same great look as our Classic wool sock, but looking for a thinner, stretchier product for all seasons? You will make a splash with the Classic LT, even in the middle of summer!

  • 45% wool
  • 25% stretch nylon
  • 16% acrylic
  • 14% polyester

Heat index:

  Medium Large
Grey and red 177 174
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Is this a unisex product?

Our stockings are generic to fit all feet. Refer to the size chart to find the correct sock size, based on your current shoe size.

Can I machine wash my Duray socks?

Yes. Our products are already pre-washed and pre-shrunk, which means you can put them in the washer and dryer with no worry.


Grey / Red


M, L