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    Abenaki 2024

    Abenaki socks, like the Bivouac model, are made with the highest quality merino wool.

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    Bivouac 2024

    Made of lambswool for greater comfort. Formerly known as Lambswool.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

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    Boreal 2024

    Fully cushioned sock designed to keep feet warm.
    Length: crew.

  • 1

    Classic 2024

    A wool sock that is strong and durable thanks to its double-twisted yarn.
    Length : crew.

  • kayak-marbre

    Kayak 2024

    Made with more cotton, to be softer and cooler. Replaces the Camping model.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

  • lumberjack


    The ultimate sock for the lumberjack and other wood-runners.

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    Marled 2024

    Classic marled work sock.
    Length : crew.

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    Marled Mitten 2024

    Thick and warm wool mitten.

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    Perfect for a day at the office.

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    Heavyweight yarn with heat-regulating and moisture-control capabilities.
    Lenghts : boot and crew