Entirely Made Here

Quality materials make a quality product. Our team takes care of every aspect of manufacturing, right from selecting first-rate textiles in an unprocessed state. Natural fibres (sheep’s wool, lambs wool, cotton) and synthetics (nylon, spandex, polyester, etc.) arrive at our warehouse to be sorted, amalgamated for our blends, and carded. This process results in solid, strong yarn, perfectly suited to our knitting machines.

Carded Wool: A Thousand-Year-Old Tradition

The woollen technique of wool carding has been passed down for centuries. Originally done by hand, carding is now done using high-tech computerised machinery. Carding consists of feeding blended textiles through drums that are lined with fine steel bristles, to divide the fibres then gather them back together. Another technique called worsted involves feeding wool through a series of increasingly fine combs, separating and stretching out the fibres to result in fine and silky knits. While both techniques (woollen and worsted) have advantages, at Duray, we specialise in woollen products. The result: soft, cushy socks with a rustic knit, perfect for our harsh winters.

Nylon: Wool’s Best Friend

During the carding process, other fibres are added to the wool, and colour blends are created. Next to wool, the most important fibre is undeniably nylon. At Duray, we add nylon to all our socks, as it has the specific characteristic of making knits more durable. This ensures that our socks retain their strength and shape throughout their lifetime.

Heat and Air

Clothes don’t create heat; bodies do. The more air trapped and circulating in a sock, the better the sock’s resistance is to cold. That said, the knit also has to breathe in order to eliminate moisture. Wool is the only textile that offers this optimal balance between thermal protection and moisture control.

Step Into a Canadian Tradition

A family-run business and a source of local pride, Duray has been making socks for over 75 years. Our product, the authentic woollen sock, is the result of perfecting over three generations of know-how.

It’s a point of pride that our socks are produced entirely in Canada, in our two factories in Princeville, Québec. Our unionized employees are involved in every aspect of production, from carding raw wool to inspecting the final product by hand. They are committed to quality work, and are the heart of the company’s continued success.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedication and proximity to distributors have resulted in strong ties with them; we respond to their needs quickly, personally, and to their utmost satisfaction.

Duray is a quiet force, a human company, built on integrity. Step into a Canadian tradition.