Details about the fibres we use

Natural fibres


Wool is biodegradable, renewable, breathable and versatile. It doesn’t cling, and can be stretched by up to 40% only to bounce back to its original shape. We use pure virgin wool almost exclusively; it’s a pure wool fibre that isn’t recycled from other productions. The different types of wool we use come from across the globe, particularly from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and South America:

They include:

– Lambswool, a fine, silky, very shiny fibre that comes from a baby lamb’s first shearing;

– Merino wool comes from a special breed of sheep. It is softer than most wool, because the diameter of its fibres is finer.

A soft, breathable, moisture-absorbing fibre, cotton is added to many of our blends to make our products even more comfortable.


Synthetic fibres


Often compared to wool, acrylic adds a touch of softness and helps keep feet dry. This light fibre dries quickly and dyes well.


Cool and soft, polyester absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It’s also easy to care for.


Aramid is a fireproof synthetic fibre, used in the place of nylon to offer greater flame resistance. Our “FR”-labelled products are made using this fibre. They successfully pass the ASTM D6413-11 flame resistance test.


This textile fibre is more than water-resistant: it floats. When added to our blends, polypropylene helps keep your feet dry.


Added to all our blends, this textile greatly increases the durability of our socks. Using nylon gives products a superior lifespan.


Adding Spandex improves wool‘s elasticity. It also helps socks keep their original shape and allows them to snugly fit different sizes properly.