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  • Iceberg_Gris_Naturel


    Fully cushioned extra heavy wool sock.
    Length: Boot.

    The cold should never stop you from doing the activities you enjoy. With our fully cushioned Iceberg model, made with 85% wool, your feet will be as warm as ever!

    • 85% wool
    • 12% nylon
    • 3% spandex

    Heat inde...

  • Iceberg_OTC_Gris_naturel

    Iceberg OTC

    Fully cushioned extra heavy wool sock.
    Length: over the calf.

    Do you like our fully cushioned Iceberg model made of 85% wool that keeps your feet warm like never before? The Iceberg OTC is the over-the-calf version of one of Duray’s warmest products.

    • 85% wool
    • 12% nylon
    • 3%...
  • Coton_Plus_Gris


    Made with more cotton, to be softer and cooler. Formally known as Cotton Plus.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    The Kayak sock is our model with the highest cotton content. It is softer and cooler than most of our other models. In short, it is perfect for everyday indoor activities.

    • 55% cotton
    • 23% wool
    • 20% nylon
    • 2% sp...
  • 183-558-bas-bleu-marbre-lg


    Classic marled work sock.
    Length : crew.

    How is such a soft and stretchy marled work sock possible? Thanks to a blend of Duray homespun woollen yarn and Merino wool yarn, a fabric softer than most wool types. Absolute comfort!

    • 40% wool (Duray homespun woollen yarn and Merino...
  • Reunion_Noir

    Merino Police

    Four-season work sock with a cushioned foot. Made from fine Merino wool.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    Made with 60% merino wool, a very soft wool, the Merino sock might just be your next favourite pair of socks all year round. Its cushioned foot will provide you with maximum comfort during long working days.

    • 60% merino wool
    • 3...
  • Mitten-Liners

    Thick and warm wool mitten.

    Your mittens are not warm enough for the coldest days? Our wool mitten-liners are perfect for adding warmth to your favourite mittens during winter activities.

    • 70% wool
    • 30% nylon

    Heat index: 2/4


  • 6745 Bas Plein air Otish


    Merino wool hiking sock.
    Length : crew.

    Our Otish model was named after the mountain range in the geographic centre of Quebec. This stretchy and fully cushioned hiking sock is made of merino wool for unparalleled comfort.

    • 60% merino wool
    • 38% nylon
    • 2% spand...
  • Polypro_Plus_Bleu_Marin


    Polypropylene sock liner. Keeps your feet dry and prevents blisters.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    Made of 95% polypropylene, Polypro sock liners will not let a single drop of water through. Your feet will not only be dry, but also safe from blisters that can quickly ruin your day.

    • 92% polypropylene
    • 7% nylon
    • 1% sp...
  • Mitaine_Gris_Rouge

    Polypro Mitten

    Wool mitten with polypropylene, to keep you even drier.

    Wool mitten with polypropylene, to keep you even drier.
    Content: 70% Wool, 30% Polypropylene.

  • Polypro_Noir


    Polypropylene sock liner reinforced with nylon. Keeps your feet dry.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    The polypropylene sock liner reinforced with nylon will become your greatest ally on rainy days. Polypropylene is a textile fibre that keeps water out, keeping you dry and comfortable.

    • 60% polypropylene
    • 38% nylon
    • 2% ...
  • Robuste_Gris_Rouge


    Warm and comfortable. Thick work sock with a cushioned foot.
    Length: crew.

    Clothing does not generate heat, but your body does. A warm, thick, and comfortable sock that traps air while being breathable enough to remove moisture, like our Robust model, is the perfect balance for ideal thermal protection.

    • 70% ...
  • Rustique_Gris_Blanc


    A work sock with a blend of wool and polypropylene.
    Length: boot.

    The Rustic combines the best properties of wool and polypropylene, a textile fibre that will keep your feet dry all day long. The perfect length for your work boots, no more sore calves!

    • 65% wool
    • 28% polypropylene
    • 5%...