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  • 100pour100_Gris_naturel


    100 % pure virgin wool sock without synthetic fibres or dyes.
    Length: boot.

    The 100% is made of 100 % pure virgin wool sock without synthetic fibres or dyes. You will love this natural, renewable, and biodegradable material that will keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and keep humidity and odours ...

  • Mitaine_3F_Gris_naturel_01

    3D Mitten

    Three-finger wool mitten-liner for hunting.

    Our 3D models were specifically designed for hunters, allowing them to pull the trigger without removing their mittens. Made of wool and nylon, they are warm and durable.

    • 70% wool
    • 30% nylon

    Heat index: 2/4

  • Abenaki

    Abenaki socks, like the Bivouac model, are made with the highest quality merino wool.

    Abenaki socks, like the Bivouac model, are made with the highest quality merino wool. Extremely soft, these socks will provide you with maximum comfort and warmth. Stock up! After all, you can never have too many wool socks, right?

    • 75...
  • Avalanche_Noir


    Fully cushioned sock with arch and ankle support.
    Length: crew.

    No need to fear the cold anymore! Put on our Thermal Series outdoor socks before stepping outside. The Avalanche model is a fully cushioned sock that will keep your feet warm, while providing arch and ankle support.

    • 60% wool
    • ...
  • Laine_Agneau_Gris


    Made of lambswool for greater comfort. Formally known as Lambswool.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    Our Universal socks are available in different compositions and colours but share one common goal: remaining versatile and comfortable in all conditions. The Bivouac model is made with silky lambswool for added comfort.

    • 50% lambswool<...
  • Boreal_Gris_naturel


    Fully cushioned sock designed to keep feet warm.
    Length: crew.

    The Boreal, made of 60% wool and 40% stretch nylon, is the favourite model of outdoor lovers as the wool offers an ideal balance during temperature fluctuations. It is also fully cushioned for maximum comfort.

    • 60% wool
    • 40% st...
  • Boreal_Kids_Bleu_Moyen

    Boreal kids

    Super-stretchy fully cushioned children’s sock.
    Length: crew.

    Adults are not the only ones who need to keep their feet warm and dry during outdoor activities! Your children also deserve their Boreal socks in their favourite colour!

    • 60% wool
    • 38% stretch nylon
    • 2% spandex
  • Coton_Gris_Framboise


    Softer and cooler socks made with cotton. Formally known as Cotton.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    Not a fan of wool socks? This softer and cooler sock model will change your mind. Made of 40% cotton and 20% wool and available in different colours, you will never want to wear anything else.

    • 40% cotton
    • 23% nylon
    • 20...
  • Laine_Gris_Naturel


    Made with a high percentage of wool to guarantee warmth and comfort. Formally known as Wool.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    Made of 80% wool, our Canoe socks, formerly known as Universal Wool, have been designed to ensure warmth and comfort. They are thin enough for your shoes, but thick enough for your boots. An ideal composition to suit all situations.

    • 8...
  • Laine_Tech_Gris


    Lifestyle wool sock for a balance of warmth, comfort, and durability. Formally known as WoolTech.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    We have racked our brains to create a universal wool sock model made of a technical blend of wool, acrylic, nylon, and spandex that perfectly balances warmth, comfort, and durability. The result? Our Caravan Sock!

    • 55% wool
    • 25...
  • Chic-Chocs

    Merino wool hiking sock, thicker.
    Length : boot.

    Hiking season is here? Wear natural fibres to benefit from the best thermal properties in all conditions. These socks were named after the Chic-Choc Mountains, a mountain range in Eastern Quebec. A fully cushioned hiking sock made with merino wool...

  • Classique_Rouge


    A wool sock that is strong and durable thanks to its double-twisted yarn.
    Length : crew.

    Our Classic model is workers’ socks and at Duray, we have a sock for every activity. Our heavy-duty and long-lasting work products have been designed specifically for those who abuse their feet over long working hours. The double-twisted yar...