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  • Avalanche_Noir


    Fully cushioned sock with arch and ankle support.
    Length: crew.

    No need to fear the cold anymore! Put on our Thermal Series outdoor socks before stepping outside. The Avalanche model is a fully cushioned sock that will keep your feet warm, while providing arch and ankle support.

    • 60% wool
    • ...
  • Boreal_Gris_naturel


    Fully cushioned sock designed to keep feet warm.
    Length: crew.

    The Boreal, made of 60% wool and 40% stretch nylon, is the favourite model of outdoor lovers as the wool offers an ideal balance during temperature fluctuations. It is also fully cushioned for maximum comfort.

    • 60% wool
    • 40% st...
  • Boreal_Kids_Bleu_Moyen

    Boreal kids

    Super-stretchy fully cushioned children’s sock.
    Length: crew.

    Adults are not the only ones who need to keep their feet warm and dry during outdoor activities! Your children also deserve their Boreal socks in their favourite colour!

    • 60% wool
    • 38% stretch nylon
    • 2% spandex
  • Chic-Chocs

    Merino wool hiking sock, thicker.
    Length : boot.

    Hiking season is here? Wear natural fibres to benefit from the best thermal properties in all conditions. These socks were named after the Chic-Choc Mountains, a mountain range in Eastern Quebec. A fully cushioned hiking sock made with merino wool...

  • Iceberg_Gris_Naturel


    Fully cushioned extra heavy wool sock.
    Length: Boot.

    The cold should never stop you from doing the activities you enjoy. With our fully cushioned Iceberg model, made with 85% wool, your feet will be as warm as ever!

    • 85% wool
    • 12% nylon
    • 3% spandex

    Heat inde...

  • Iceberg_OTC_Gris_naturel

    Iceberg OTC

    Fully cushioned extra heavy wool sock.
    Length: over the calf.

    Do you like our fully cushioned Iceberg model made of 85% wool that keeps your feet warm like never before? The Iceberg OTC is the over-the-calf version of one of Duray’s warmest products.

    • 85% wool
    • 12% nylon
    • 3%...
  • 6745 Bas Plein air Otish


    Merino wool hiking sock.
    Length : crew.

    Our Otish model was named after the mountain range in the geographic centre of Quebec. This stretchy and fully cushioned hiking sock is made of merino wool for unparalleled comfort.

    • 60% merino wool
    • 38% nylon
    • 2% spand...