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  • Laine_Agneau_Gris


    Made of lambswool for greater comfort. Formally known as Lambswool.
    Length: 3/4 crew.

    Our Universal socks are available in different compositions and colours but share one common goal: remaining versatile and comfortable in all conditions. The Bivouac model is made with silky lambswool for added comfort.

    • 50% lambswool<...
  • Boreal_Gris_naturel


    Fully cushioned sock designed to keep feet warm.
    Length: crew.

    The Boreal, made of 60% wool and 40% stretch nylon, is the favourite model of outdoor lovers as the wool offers an ideal balance during temperature fluctuations. It is also fully cushioned for maximum comfort.

    • 60% wool
    • 40% st...
  • Classique_Rouge


    A wool sock that is strong and durable thanks to its double-twisted yarn.
    Length : crew.

    Our Classic model is workers’ socks and at Duray, we have a sock for every activity. Our heavy-duty and long-lasting work products have been designed specifically for those who abuse their feet over long working hours. The double-twisted yar...

  • Robuste_Gris_Rouge


    Warm and comfortable. Thick work sock with a cushioned foot.
    Length: crew.

    Clothing does not generate heat, but your body does. A warm, thick, and comfortable sock that traps air while being breathable enough to remove moisture, like our Robust model, is the perfect balance for ideal thermal protection.

    • 70% ...